Quick Start Guide

Getting started on FEDHub

Make the most of your FEDHub experience by taking these steps to getting started. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Click Sign in at the top right corner of home page. Use the credentials you would for narfe.org. If you need your username and password, click the Contact Us form.

Step 2

Fill out your profile! Click the “Complete My Profile” button on the FEDHub homepage.


Step 3

Join the conversation! Find a list of communities available to join from either the Communities drop down bar or the Explore button. Participate in discussions with fellow NARFE members by pressing the Engage button.

More Helpful Tips

Build Your Profile

Upload your profile picture and add to your bio so members can learn more about you on FEDHub!

Customize Your Settings

My Account Settings

While on your profile page, click on the tab for My Account. Here you can set up how you want to receive emails from the community, how much of your profile you want visible to other members, and design the signature area that appears under your discussion posts.

Email Delivery Settings

Stay up to date with all FEDHub content by subscribing to a daily digest - a single email each day summarizing the latest topics in your community.  There is also the option to stay informed in real time with instant alerts. You can change this setting or unsubscribe by selecting Community Notifications.

Find Members

Select Directory from the top navigation bar to find other FEDHub members.

Join the Conversation

Post A Message

Select “Add” next to the Latest Discussions section on the Homepage, or select Participate > Post A Message from the main menu. Be sure to put in concise and descriptive subject text in the Subject area and attach any relevant files to your post. There are three ways to finish your post:

  • One - Click “Send” to post right away.
  • Two - Click “Schedule” to have your message post at a specified later date/time.
  • Three - Click “Save as Draft” to save your message for later.

To access your scheduled posts and drafts, go to Profile > My Contributions tab > List of Contributions.

Reply to a post

There are two ways to reply to a discussion. To view all options, press the arrow to the right of the world reply.

  • One - Click “Reply” to reply to the entire thread. This is the most frequently used option.
  • Two - Click “Reply Privately” to send a private response to the community member’s inbox.

Select “Mark As Inappropriate” if a member’s post clearly violates the FEDHub Terms and Conditions and it will be flagged for review by the NARFE community management team.