Mrs. Deborah O. Fisk

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I am a working photographer since 1998.  Prior to that I was the Program Librarian for Time-Life Books and Music.  After graduating from business school I worked for a short time at Langley Air Force Base, VA as a Clerk Typist; but, quickly my family took precedence over career.  I returned to school and majored in Information Technology coinciding with my children’s education. 
My husband is a retired Civil Servant with over 32 years’ service, and as many years as a NARFE member.  I am the annuitant spouse; I  joined NARFE about 6-years ago because there was a need for technology and a membership campaign in our local Chapter.  I have served as membership chair and as secretary in addition to the offices I now hold which are President and Network Coordinator.  During my time I have been able to digitize all Secretary and Treasurer records and now as President will work on membership, both recruitment and retention. 
In the Federation, I currently serve on the VFN Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) working diligently devising strategies and programs to assist our membership in various communications applications which are user-friendly and cost effective.   My passion is clearly technology; however, my time serving as interim State Legislation Chair and 4th District CDL promise to provide challenges, but with challenges also come great rewards.  I firmly believe that protecting our earned benefits is paramount to the vision of NARFE and in that I will work hard to learn and deliver.  I am the recently elected Secretary of the VFN for the 2023-2024 year.
Besides the VFN, I continue to stay involved in photography-related volunteer organizations which include local, state and national levels.